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I am so glad you are here!

The Unsolicited Advice Column For White Straight Men, herein referred to as USACFWSM, aims to lovingly answer questions and support people in navigating the arc of justice with grace and compassion. I offer you, dear reader, an open dialogue about moral responsibility and ethical considerations with a theological focus. As the author and theologian, I will operate as a content expert from a demographic you have direct experience with, white straight women.

I write this column with humility. Like you, I am human and make mistakes in extending love through the practical application of equality.

Instead of research, sometimes I wish I could just call someone on the phone and ask my list of questions about how to be the best human I can be in 2021. Like you, I do not want to contribute to the structures holding our collective humanity back. 

The column is not the final word. About anything. In fact, each post will likely need to be continually revised as shared understanding and vocabulary change. Nevertheless, it is my hope that the column feels like a safe and friendly place. I trust that you feel the hospitality of my intent and use the column as a springboard for deepening your relationships with the beautiful world you inhabit and that we all share. 


You are wonderful and I thank you.

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